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blog-contentMost business owners don’t have time to sit down and draft an editorial calendar for their blog each month. In fact, that’s how digital marketing content writers stay in business. It’s our job to think about clever ways to promote a client’s business by using words and digital media to tell a unique story that consumers want to hear.

As search engines continue to grow more savvy of consumers’ Internet usage habits, it’s even more important to create relevant website content in our blogs that people will want to share through social media and other digital platforms.

Let’s face it, there’s a lot of competition out there. Businesses no longer compete solely against the guy next door. Today they’re competing with businesses all over the world. So how does a business use their blog to cut through the clutter and to deliver more qualified website traffic?

Here are two tips that can help you develop interesting, sharable content for your blog:

1. Conduct Long-Tail Keyword Research. For those not familiar with this term, long-tail keywords are longer, specific phrases that people might search when looking for information about your products and services. For instance, a search for “guitar speakers” is likely to garner a lot of impressions, but a guitar speaker business is going to compete against a lot of international players in order to show up in those search engine results.

A more effective approach is to develop a list of long-tail keywords that can be used to enhance the content on your website. For example, that same guitar speaker company could use a more specific long-tail keyword such as “build guitar speaker cabinet.”

These more specific keywords are often a great starting point to generating new ideas for blog content. (Google has a free keyword planning tool that can help businesses to identify those long-tail keywords.)

2. Keep a List of Customer’s Questions Handy. When one customer has a question about your products and services, it is likely that many others share the same interests. Use your blog to educate consumers. Be careful not to give them a sales pitch for your business, but rather help them to understand how your business works. Some ideas include:

  • Tips for selecting a ripe artichoke (grocery stores or natural food stores)
  • Questions to ask when hiring a repairman (plumbing, HVAC, etc.)
  • Warning signs to look for when buying a house (realtor, mortgage lender, home inspector)

The trick to writing relevant web content for a blog is simply knowing where to begin.

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