Cheap Logos Can Be Costly

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The Pitfalls of Bad Logo Design I cannot begin to tell you how many times I’ve had a small business owner hire me to take on their marketing planning and content strategy and present to me a logo that their neighbor designed for them or the kid next door threw together on the cheap. While that logo looked smashing in …

Inkwell Content WriterCheap Logos Can Be Costly
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Advertising at It’s Finest

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Every once in a while marketing folks get to have a little bit of fun together working on advertising campaigns and sales promotions. Inkwell Creative Media was recently privileged to work with a great team of creative folks over at Horizon Media Group, an advertising and creative agency located right here in Paducah, Ky. As fate would have it, the¬†project …

Inkwell Content WriterAdvertising at It’s Finest

No Strategy = Ineffective Ad Campaigns

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Many small businesses have limited time to develop a strategic plan for advertising their products and services. And yet, as businesses pour thousands of dollars into their advertising campaigns each year, they expect to see results. Here are two things to consider when placing ads: 1. Ask the Right Questions Whether considering print, broadcast or online media campaigns, the biggest …

Inkwell Content WriterNo Strategy = Ineffective Ad Campaigns

Make Your Customers Brand Champions

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Although, Inkwell Creative Media spends a lot of time writing for our clients, we also know that a big part of our job is to help our clients build strong relationships with existing and potential customers. We don’t just write content–we write content that effectively communicates with our client’s target audience and ultimately grows their business. At Inkwell, we make …

Inkwell Content WriterMake Your Customers Brand Champions