Pay-Per-Click Ad Campaign Tips

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In working with clients who are constantly trying to stay ahead of the curve, it helps to have a good sense of who they are trying to target in their advertising campaigns before we begin crafting their ads and promotions. This is true in traditional advertising as well as in emerging technologies, such as pay-per-click ad campaigns.

Before You Launch Your Next Text Ad

With the rise of pay-per-click ads, a marketer or content writer needs to think about what his audience truly looks like before sending ads out to the universe. He also needs to consider whether he has an adequate website page in which to direct his audiences. Here are a few questions we at Inkwell Creative Media, LLC, ask ourselves and our clients before launching a text campaign.

  • What does your audience really look like? What needs do they have? Where do they live? Do they have kids? Are they married or single? We can use the answers to all of these questions to develop an accurate buyer’s persona. A buyer’s persona paints a picture of the lifestyles and values of the people we want to reach with our PPC campaigns.
  • How is your product or service different from your competitors? We can use this information to help us determine the text and site extensions that need to be used in our PPC campaigns.
  • To what web page will you be directing your customers in this ad? If clients are selling a specific product or service and do not have adequate information about this item on their website, then a landing page should be created. A landing page can improve a user’s experience and thereby increase a business’s online sales. A strong landing page should provide details about the product or service, as well as offer any information about how or where the item can be purchased. The easier it is for a customer to find your information, the more likely they are to make a purchase.
  • Are there any special offers we can run in order to increase the click-through rates (CTR) on the ads that promote the products and services we are trying to sell? Not all campaigns lend themselves to discounts and not all clients should offer them. However, if a coupon or special rate would be compelling to the “right” audience then it’s a good tool to utilize in driving online sales.
  • What is the one thing we want users to do? Whatever that one thing may be is exactly what we should tell our audience to do. If it’s “buy tickets online” then our ad should state that clearly.
  • What are the long-tail keywords and phrases people are searching the Internet for in order to find similar products and services? If we’re trying to sell tickets to upcoming live performances at a performing arts venue, then we might establish an Ad Group within our campaign that focuses on a specific show. For instance, if the venue is going to perform a production of Annie, we would great an Ad Group titled Annie. Then we would form a list of relevant and related keywords that consumers are likely searching for in order to find similar events.

Write Strong Content & Test It

Once we understand the audience we are trying to reach and have identified how our products and services will meet the individual needs of our target audience, we are better equipped to write strong content for pay-per-click campaigns. Campaign managers will have to test several versions of the ads in order to see which text ads garner the most clicks, assuming generating clicks is the goal of your current campaign. In time, trends will become apparent and managers will begin to understand how their audiences are engaging with their products and services through their digital marketing campaigns.

Inkwell Content WriterPay-Per-Click Ad Campaign Tips

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