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Ditch Old School SEO Tactics in 2018

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If you or the marketing firm you have hired to improve your search engine rankings believes any of the following SEO myths, then your time and money is being spent on the wrong things:

You Must Submit Your Website to Google in Order to Be Found in Search Engine Rankings. Not True. 

Trust me, Google will find you. Over time, web crawlers locate your business’s website and index the address. In fact, even if you do “tell Google” that you’ve entered the cyber world, there is still no guarantee that this communication will improve your search engine rankings. So, focus your attention on high-quality website content and don’t worry about telling Google that you exist.

The quantity of Backlinks is More Important than the Quality of the Websites. 

Don’t get me wrong. Building quality backlinks is still important to search engine rankings. In fact, Searchmetrics ranks it one of the Top 5 most important search engine ranking factors. But the old-school methods that worked for marketers and SEO firms in the past are old news in 2018. Businesses that build quality backlinks from quality websites will rank better than those businesses who have their website linked to hundreds of lesser quality directories and websites.  Therefore, the better quality the links you build, the more likely they are to improve your search engine results. This means that SEO companies that update hundreds of directories in an effort to move your website up in search engine rankings may simply be wasting your money. Your focus should be on the quality of the sites that link to your website. You should also be focused on the quality of your own website’s content and its user-friendliness

Your Website Firm Hasn’t Bothered to Educate You on the Value of a Secure Site

I’m finding that a lot of digital marketing firms are overlooking the importance of moving their clients to a secure (HTTPS encrypted) website. A secure site (with an enabled SSL) simply means that the information shared between a web server and a browser is kept private.

Even if your business doesn’t have an e-commerce site, secure sites are a must for any business. If your website doesn’t include that “s” on the end of the https://, then it’s not a secure site and Google does not like that. The cost to migrate to the secure site is affordable and competent digital marketing firms can help you make that happen. Sites with an enabled SSL will be given preference in Google search engine rankings.

 This list only skims the surface of the myths that are out there regarding SEO and search engine results. There’s a good chance that your marketing firm is still using these and other outdated digital marketing tactics. So, talk to them and find out what tactics they are currently employing. And if you’re believing these untruths yourself, then stop it and get with the times.

SEO Best Practices

good website contentThe bottom line is this. If you’re looking for a quick fix to become #1 on Google, there really isn’t one.  Like most things in life, if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. Right now, marketing firms are selling SEO packages like hotcakes and businesses are spending a lot of money each month thinking that these packages are going to boost them to the #1 position on Google search rankings. But in a lot of cases, SEO packages are simply a Band-Aid on a bigger problem that the client may be ignoring. Depending on how the firm executes the SEO strategy, the methods may simply be irrelevant to today’s digital marketing landscape.

Your time and money may be better spent in hiring a writer to help you create high quality, relevant content that your audience wants to read and engage with.

Creating good content can also be as simple as making sure your store hours and contact information are accurate and easy to find on the website. If I can’t find your hours easily, either on your social media pages or on your website, then I’m going to seek out one of your competitors instead.

These simple tips for creating a good website can make a big difference in your search engine rankings. Think about your website and plan how to market yourself with your customer in mind. If your website is a good website, then your search engine rankings will improve organically, in most cases. If you’re just trying to come up with a short-term solution for a bad or mediocre website, then you’re really just wasting your time and money.





Inkwell Content WriterDitch Old School SEO Tactics in 2018

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