If It Was Easy, Everyone Would be Successful

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What makes marketing so difficult is that there is no formula for success. What works for some doesn't work for all. In fact, if marketing were that simple, then every business would be successful. Every ad would hit a home run. Every social media campaign would lead to thousands of fans and followers. So what's the secret to developing an …

nikkidaleIf It Was Easy, Everyone Would be Successful

Business For Good

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An interesting topic comes up from time to time. People will ask me how I balance my desire to do good things in the community with being in the business world–the implication being that business is "evil" and uncompassionate at its core. When I first graduated from college, I worked in the world of advertising. I, too, sometimes felt that …

nikkidaleBusiness For Good

Copy Cats?

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I have a pet peeve about creative thinking. I do not see the value in copy-catting someone else's great idea rather than taking time to consider a great, original idea of your own. Sure, there is nothing wrong with looking at the successes of others and applying the winning principles to your own program, firm or community. But, all too …

nikkidaleCopy Cats?

Pinterest for Business?

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I admit that, until now, I had not thought of Pinterest as a viable source for businesses to promote their products and services. It seemed the most useful thing Pinterest did was help people find tips and inspiration for decorating, weddings, recipes, and party favors. But then it seems the site exploded! The number of unique visitors to the site …

nikkidalePinterest for Business?